The Brotherhood of Men

Justin H. Lee
3 min readNov 19, 2021

We’re stronger together, and the time is now.

Photo Credit: Nora Wendel (used with persmission)

Benevolent, Brave, Aware, Loving, Bold…

Many words can be used to describe what it means to be a healthy empowered man in today’s modern world.

The one that speaks to me most though, is Brotherhood.

The importance of men coming together during these times is unquestionable. For far too long we’ve been divided and in that division toxic attitudes and beliefs have spread like a virus upon this planet, our communities, and homes.

As the world around us continues to unfold, evolve, expand, and change and even the best of us often face adversity, challenge, or even lose their way.

I know I have more than a few times…

Being authentic within an accountable brotherhood can be challenging and confronting for many of us. Even so, I believe it is the only way to a more integrated and loving future for everyone.

Through the support of men’s development work over the years, I’ve been able to ground a sense of connection, stability, and inner strength deeply within myself. I’m grateful to have had meaningful relationships with men and elders who have lit the way towards the best aspects of myself.

The things I wanted to change, my brothers showed me reflection.

The things I wanted to release, my brothers kept me accountable.

The things I wanted to challenge, my brothers gave me support.

Our world is stepping into a higher level of consciousness, but there is much work to be done. It’s vital men begin to move towards cooperation and away from competition with each other.

As we bring more awareness to these ideas, I believe the illusion of separation and isolation so many men have felt will continue to be washed away with the support and presence of other men doing the work.

As each man begins to work towards bringing forth the highest aspects of…

Justin H. Lee

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